The Fashion DAO

What is a DAO?

The simplest form to put it, it’s a community of people with common values that work together to accomplish a shared vision. However, it is a more modern, efficient and transparent way of operating a community. Instead of a few people managing and doing majority of the work, most people work to accomplish the goals, usually under committees or groups specialized in different fields. It also uses technology tools to be more efficient especially as running a decentralized community will take more communications and processes, there is a bigger need for automation.

What is Not a DAO?

DAOs are the hardest things to do in Web3. And the current general attitude towards them is to either take a wait and see approach — avoiding until others figure them out or joining, observing, learning from core members while they solve challenges and make it easier for others. For leaders and core contributors, the challenge is that they need to work as hard if not harder as they would in a normal corporation while not being recognized or compensated or given power and authority to do their job as they would within typical corporate structures. Also, most outsiders and observers expect a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization and to generate value from DAOs, without knowing what it takes to run a successful decentralized organization.

The Fashion DAO Origin

What is The Fashion DAO?

What is next?

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